As a kid, one of my favorite activities was to play with cars and the way the anki Overdrive has brought this modern technology to not only cars but their tracks excites me. What makes anki anki Overdrive’s‘s race track different is that you can control the cars with your smartphones rather than the conventional wired controls.


anki was kind enough to send over a Starter Kit to our office and it has everything that you need to start playing right away. Inside the box, you will find two cars, a charging bay with an AC adapter, 10 track parts and two riser beams. These are enough to build eight different tracks. There is also a sticky pad that you use to clean the dirt off the car tires in order to keep them stick to the track and not slip away. I also had two extra cars and five extra pieces of tracks which helped me build new track designs.

Just unwrap the shiny tracks, join them together on a flat ground, turn the cars ON using a small white button underneath them and install the anki Overdrive application on your iOS or Android. The track is wide enough to accommodate four cars and I played it with all of them four cars. If your cars aren’t charged, you can charge them using the charging pad for like 8 minutes in order to get 20 minutes play time.



The mobile app acts as a controller for your car and it gives you this racing video game experience where you can compete with computer opponents too. Once the cars are on the track, they will first drive slowly on the track and scan it for the game. You will see a pop-up on the app and the track being constructed in there. After the cars are done scanning, they will stop at the start line. If you are really fast and playing aggressively, expect the cars to go off the track but your app will detect that for you.


There different kind of race modes like Race Mode where you aim to be the first to cross finish line or Battle Mode where you have to take down your opponent’s cars. You will be wondering how you can take down other cars. Well, unlike other traditional car racing games, you have virtual weapons in Overdrive. Each car has its own profile with unique driving attributes, weapons and attack styles. I really want to try out the Big Bang.


Overall, I think the anki Overdrive is a high-tech plaything not only for kids but also adults. The starter kit sells for around AED 899 at Virgin Megastore around UAE or how about you go for Mega Bundle and save a lot.