This time, the Winter in Dubai is longer than I ever experienced but ‘Summer is coming’. And since Summer is approaching, we’re gonna have to put away all the warm, spicy and slightly heavy scents. One of such scents that turned out to be a good friend for most of my winter is Hugo Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Perfum (EdP).

This fragrance isn’t something new on the streets and has been around for a long time now but Hugo Boss has launched some special editions of this scent since they launched it in 1998. The one I am talking about here is the first Eau de Perfum of this collection and its a very classic, woody, spicy and warm scent.

If we go into a little details of the scent, it has some fruity top notes of Orange blossom and Apple’s freshness which results in a very sweet first impression. But when the smell dries down, you will feel the woody notes of vetiver and sandalwood. You will also feel the presence of cinnamon and cloves at times.

Compared to its EdT version, the EdP version of Boss Bottled Intense has 14% higher concentration of oils which increases its durability. One day, I sprayed it in the morning and trust me when I say that on the evening of that day, somebody asked me about my fragrance. With such longevity, I should warn you about over-spraying it though. It really is ‘Intense’.

Since this scent is a pretty common one, I don’t think it can become your signature perfume because your office colleagues probably own a version of this. Having said that, I still think that if you feel this scent to be the one that can represent your personality, go for it.