Being a photographer at heart myself, I can surely say that Dubai is the perfect field for an artist. It has so much to offer us photographers ranging from its neat desert to its modern architecture and all the events happening around the year.

But this recently revealed 100-second video appears to have covered it all for you. Watch the video and I totally recommend watching in HD and Fullscreen.

This video is basically a showreel of what Dubai Film is capable of doing but this video alone in itself is worth whopping 1,150,00 Dirhams because of such modern and advanced equipment used for it.

Here’s the price breakdown in fulll:
RED Digital EPIC-M – Mysterium X 5K: $25,000 (Dhs91K)
RED Digital EPIC-M – Dragon 6K: $50,000 (Dhs183K)
DJI Inspire1 camera drone: $1,550 (Dhs5,692)
Sony F55: $29,000 (Dhs106K)
Canon 5Dmiii: $2,600 (Dhs9550)

Angenieux 24-290 T2.8: $87,760 (Dhs322K)
Fujinon 18-85 T2: $87,300 (Dhs322K)
Canon 30-300 T3: $ 44,650 (Dhs164K)
Canon 16–35 F2.8: $1,500 (Dhs5509)
Fujinon 42x 9.7mm: $72,562 (Dhs264K)


Credit: TimeOut Dubai