EUROSTAR Group, the leading digital and consumer technology innovator in the Middle East, announced its GITEX Shopper Spring 2015 offers and latest innovations as the show opened to consumers across the region. EUROSTAR is showcasing its highly successful, multi-functional tablet series at the region’s largest consumer IT and electronics show, which runs from April 1 to 4 at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).


EUROSTAR Group launched ePad colors (ET7015 – HM15) at the GITEX Shopper. The  series of slim and smooth ePad Genie tablets, exhibited at Jacky’s Electronics and Sharaf DG kiosks at the four-day GITEX Shopper, will provide tech enthusiasts and savvy shoppers the most impressive tablet experience on the market.

Commenting on the GITEX Shopper special offers, Mr. Raju Jethwani, Chairman, EUROSTAR Group, said, “We are pleased to showcase our impressive range of tablets at the GITEX Shopper with power retailers in the region such as Jacky’s Electronics and Sharaf DG. We look forward to welcoming our customers with the best offers we have in store for them in this year’s edition. We have always been proud to present the latest technologies from EUROSTAR and our latest products hitting the market are designed to delight the consumers.”

“The lineup of innovative ePad Genie tablet series from EUROSTAR Group is available at special discounted prices, along with irresistible offers to our customers. This offering demonstrates our commitment to provide the most innovative technologies in consumer electronics in the Middle East,” he added.

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Latest industry-leading products from EUROSTAR

The newly launched ePad colors (ET7015 – HM15) has a 7” screen display, Android 4.4 KitKat, 1.3GHz Dual Core Processor, 4GB internal memory, camera and skype video calls, priced at AED 149.

The ePad Genie 2 (ET7542G – HM15), is featured with a 7” screen display, GPS, 4GB internal memory, 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor, Android 4.4 KitKat, Dual Camera, Surfing with SIM, and Calling facility. Consumers can grab the gadget at a discounted price of AED 199.

The ePad Genie 5S (ET6543G – HM14), has a 6.5” screen display, 4GB internal memory, Android 4.2 Jellybean, 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU processor, 3G, Dual Camera, Single Sim and GPS. The product is on sale at a discounted price of AED 249. There is a free cover case given as well, worth AED 49 for every purchase of ePad Genie 5S.

The ePad Genie (ET7583G – B15), is made with a 7” screen display, HD Panel, GPS, 3G, Android 4.4 KitKat, 8GB Internal Memory, 1.3GHz Dual Core Processor and 2MP/5MP calling. The tab is available at a discounted price of AED 279.

The ePad Genie Super (ET9183G – HM14), is featured with a 9” screen display, Android 4.4 KitKat, 1GB RAM, 8GB Internal Memory, Dual SIM, 3G, Dual Camera, Calling. The product is available at a discounted price of AED 399.

The eWatch (ESWOOIC – C14) by EUROSTAR consists of a Bluetooth, phone function, Single Sim, and Camera. Free Bluetooth Headset, Stylus, Handsfree is provided with every purchase of the e-watch. The wearable device is available at a discounted price of AED 299.

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The UAE-based EUROSTAR Group has a strong global footprint with presence in 50 countries worldwide. The digital innovator is a key associate of power retailers, wholesale dealers and electronic stores across the region, in addition to operating own retail showrooms in several countries. The Group has been supporting the UAE economy and society for more than three decades by bringing the best products and services to the country.