Inbox By Google” is a new type of Gmail app introduced by the same team who launched the awesome Gmail. It might sound like yet another email client but it’s designed to focus on things that matter more than just emails.


We do agree that this world was never so connected before, but in the coming years we will need everything in our pocket, taking connectivity to a whole different level. With emails being one of our daily chore activities, it has distracted us from our other more personal activities rather than helping us stay organised.

If you are someone who has a problem of important tasks slipping when he is buried inside messages, then this evolutionary form of email is just for you. Here is how Inbox by Google will help you bring ease into life:

There are different features offered by Inbox by Google, for example: “Bundles” that help you stay organised automatically, “Highlights” buzzing you about the important stuff, Reminders, Assists, and Snooze to help with your To-Do list for the day. Focusing on priorities will become more easy with Inbox now as it allows you to set Reminders very easily.

How To Get Started With Inbox by Google?

Google has already started sending out the first round of invitations and those new users can easily invite their friends. In case your friends haven’t received any invite yet, you can claim your invite by emailing Google at to grab an invitation as soon as its available.

Has anyone received any invite yet? What do you think about Inbox?