With the summer holiday season in full fledge across the GCC, families are planning their travels to escape the hard heat. While the goal of any vacation is to unwind and escape from the stresses of day-to-day life, trips abroad can sometimes have the opposite effect as unfamiliarity with the local language and customs prevent travelers from fully enjoying their vacation. Therefore, connected technology that offers reliability, accessibility, portability and security is an essential component of the modern vacation.

Although the ostensible purpose of a vacation is to get away from it all, modern travelers have come to expect connectivity throughout their entire trip, influencing their decisions both while planning and at their destination. According to an annual Honeywell international survey, two-thirds of airplane passengers reported that in-flight Wi-Fi accessibility played a part in their choice of flight, and more than 70 percent of tourists stressed the importance of fast, free Wi-Fi when choosing accommodations.

“Even if today’s traveler is headed for adventure or relaxation, modern-day demands leave most people with a need to remain connected,” said Yong Geun Choi, President at LG Electronics Gulf. “In an effort to help make travel flourish with as much convenience and connectivity possible for today’s unique traveler, we are continuously on a mission to offer technologies like the LG G6 that offers ultimate connectivity and user-friendly options and interfaces or like our smart home appliances that can be remotely controlled for instance to give that extra peace of mind.”

Travel with Ultimate Relaxation and Reliable Connectivity Combined

The ergonomic and dependable LG G6, for example, is a stalwart travel companion that is more than capable of providing instant access to apps and services that streamline the travel experience to help tourists live like locals.

Mobile apps such as Airbnb, Uber, and Expedia, enhance the travel experience and productivity by heightening convenience and helping tourists save money. Instead of opting for traditional package tours, travelers can now easily immerse themselves in their destination with the help of connected technology. In addition to maps that prevent travelers from getting lost, they can immediately search for the best places to eat and visit using social media, blogs and online reviews.

The smartphone is an essential accessory for modern travelers looking to stay connected, and the LG G6 is designed to make it easier than ever for travelers to stay connected to their home, work, and surroundings no matter where they are. The G6 offers everything today’s connected traveler needs, making it possible for users to seamlessly take and share photographs, check their schedules, search for directions and more. The phone fits in one hand despite its large screen and is built to withstand unexpected accidents. These features makes it the ideal travel companion for everything from beach bumming to intense outdoor treks and urban exploration.

Stay Close but Go Far on Your Next Staycation

Vacations are not always an option though. Stay-at-home vacations (also known as staycations) are on the rise as one of the most popular ways to unwind without spending too much money. The trend resurfaces time and time again, especially during economic recessions and when the cost of overseas travel becomes considerably more expensive.

Taking away the stress of planning, wasted travel time, budget constraints and all the things that can possibly go wrong abroad, staycationers choose to simply unwind in the comfort of their home or city. This makes it possible to catch up on much needed sleep, watch movies, camp out in the backyard, visit a museum, enjoy local cuisine, or visit nearby trendy hotspots. Offering the same benefits as a vacation without any of the disadvantages, staycations are also better for the environment and can even help the local economy.

LG’s home entertainment products provide exceptional quality and performance for ultimate convenience, making them the ideal solution for staycationers looking to catch up on their favorite content anywhere in the home (or even outside it). LG’s 4K UHD Blu-ray Player supports Dolby Vision™ HDR imaging, transforming the TV experience with greater brightness and contrast. The ProBeam laser projector makes it possible for viewers to enjoy video content even in a bright room, while its slim design enhances portability and allows it to be paired with any Bluetooth audio solution. LG’s HDR-enabled UHD TVs are equipped with 4K HDR technology, allowing users to stream high quality content with unprecedented accuracy.

Whether it is a vacation, staycation or a workation, LG technology provides that necessary connectivity and reliability modern travelers or staycationers seek.