Microsoft Gulf announced their first Lumia Device 535 yesterday at an event on a Microsoft branded yacht at Dubai Marina. Thats right, Microsoft invited all the media personnels for an evening on a yacht and took them out into the sea where GM of Microsoft Gulf Vithesh Reddy and Head of Marketing Haseeb Ihtisham told us about the first Lumia device branded with Microsoft’s logo.



Nokia smartphones department was bought by Microsoft last year and this purchase has finally been completed on paper putting an end to era of Nokia smartphones. Lumia 535 is this giant’s first release after the acquisition but its not a very high-end phone though. Microsoft wants to stick to Nokia’s strategy; offering a good looking smartphone at an affordable rate. This will for the time help Microsoft keep the current share of the market which Nokia acquired over the long period. Thus, there isn’t any change to the design of the phone either.

As you can see in our tweets above, Microsoft was kind enough to hand over a Lumia 535 which will soon be reviewed on this portal. #LumiaSelfie was the hashtag for the event and the reason behind that is the front facing wide-angle 5MP camera on this device, similar to the one on Lumia 730. Microsoft handed over selfie sticks to the attendees bringing our focus to the camera which the attendees tried at the event and realised that their friends now don’t have to hit heads together squeezing into a selfie on other flagships out there.

With 5″ 960 x 530 IPS LCD Display on a 1.2 Ghz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor and 1905 mAh battery, this device is going to be available in the market at a very affordable price of AED 499. Above all, you will receive a 2 months package from icflix, a 2 months package from BoxTV and a 20% off voucher for saving you atleast upto 400 AED.