Recently, Novo Cinemas invited me at the premier of BFG and I loved the experience. Novo Cinemas has been my favorite cinema from the start and I try to watch every movie at one of their theatres. BFG is a cute story which I’d recommend to everyone out there.


So I saw that Mohenjo Daro is releasing on 12th August and it really intrigued me when I saw its trailer. Being a fan of classic cultures and stories, I can’t really wait to watch this movie but after some research, I thought it’ll be good to share a few facts you should know if you plan to watch the movie:

1. The real name of this 5000-year-old city is not Mohenjo Daro. The original name is still unknown


The term Mohenjo Daro actually has a literal meaning of a term used to describe a 5000-year-old city; ‘the mound of the dead’. So its original real name is still unknown and the reason behind its fame is its architectural beauty and the way it’s so well planned for its streets and waste disposal system etc.

2. The way the actors in the movie has dressed is not really the actual dressing from that Civilisation


The dancing girl statue in the picture above shows that they used to wear bangles from their upper arm and they were nude till the waist but it was covered with jewelry. The dress did not look like Pooja Hegde’s.

3. There was no concept of a Ruler in Mohenjo Daro


The people of Mohenjo Daro were peace-loving, as there is no evidence of weapons or arms and neither of an evil politician or a king like Maham. So I can say that in those times, there was no such concept on this particular area.

4. These people were very concerned about their hygene which can be judged by The Great Bath


The Great Bath was used for religious functions and this 8-foot deep and 23-foot wide public bath pool shows that 5000 years ago, those people had hygiene as their priority.

5. Not White Horses, but Bullock Carts were the mode of transport


One of the archaeological evidence clearly shows that the mode of transport had wheels and bullocks used to pull the carrier. We haven’t found any traces of horses being on that area from the evidence, so I can say bullocks it was.

6. The place lies in the province of Sindh in Paksitan


The place lies in the province of Pakistan; Sindh and the authorities are trying their best to stop the damage to the city because its on the verge of corrosion. The soil is decaying and hence the walls are crumbling which is not a good sign indeed.

7. This movie is a debut in Bollywood for actress Pooja Hedge

Pooja Hegde was second runner-up in 2010, Miss India Universe pageant. Though she will make her Bollywood debut with Mohenjo Daro but it is not the first time that the actress will face camera because she has worked in Tollywood.


Everyone might think that, Ashutosh is the one who spotted Pooja Hegde and called her for an audition. But in reality it was his wife who spotted Pooja in an advertisement from 2013 with Ranbir Kaboor and auditioned her which she cleared. The Mohenjo Daro actress like other B town babes is a fitness freak and believes in spending a good amount of time at the gym. Pooja is also a huge sports fan. She supports Roger Federer in Tennis and Rahul Dravid in cricket.

Now if you plan to go out and watch this movie, I’d totally recommend my most favorite cinema; Novo Cinemas. Do get a mix slush of Orange and Strawberry along with mix pop-corn ofcourse.