The New Apple Macbook wasn’t the deal anyone was expecting from them. This 12-inch Retina is beautiful and it now comes in Gold finishing too apart from Space Grey and Silver. The New Macbook is just 13.1mm thick which is like 24% thinner than current Macbook Air – and its weight is just 907 grams.


The keyboard on this beast is also very sleek and thinner. The flat-fingered design is completely delightful. Apple redesigned the button on this one in a mechanism known as The Butterfly where each button depress more uniformly.  The Touchpad had an upgrade too which is something that only Apple Watch users will understand or feel the difference of. They threw away the fan out of this one just like they did in the 11-inch Macbook Air. The absence of fans and having the speakers towards the outside now left lot of space in there which is filled with different layers of batteries and that’s like quote a lot of battery.

With such a thin size for a notebook, there can’t be many ports and hence we are left with only two holes; one is known as USB-C and the other one is a standard headphones input. USB-C is a new port that combines of DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, USB and Power too. Now this all in one is kinda neat.


What do you feel? Want to go with this New Macbook?