On the first weekend of February 2017, Dubai literally turned New York. I witnessed black clouds, crazy winds, heavy rainfall and above all, it snowed. It was one of these evenings that I visited the corniche with some friends and the weather gave me a chance to pull off one of my favorite outfit.

What you see me wearing here is a jacket from Whistles, known as Commuter Mac. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this piece of art since I saw it in their new collection. This is such a luxuriously well-designed regular fit and it has also got an internal chest pocket with signature lining. You can wear it on your office wear as-well as for weekend outings.

Underneath the jacket, I am wearing a minimal design fine woven poplin with 100% cotton. And the sweatpants you see me wearing there is a regular fit premium leisurewear. Checkout some shots of the complete outfit below and for details of each product, read at the end of the article.


What I am wearing here:

Coat: Commuter Mac by Whistles
Shirt: Cotton Poplin Shirt by Whistles
Trouser: Indigo Sweatpants by Whistles
Shoes: Gazelle Shoes by Adidas
Watch: Winston Blue Cognac by KOMONO