YotaPhone2 is an extraordinary two-faced smartphone with a regular touchscreen on the front side and an e-link touchscreen on the back side. Recently, at Dubai Mall, YotaPhone2’s launch event unveiled this beauty for UAE. Yota is a Russian mobile company that launched its first YotaPhone back in 2012 with its second iteration right now.

yotaphone launch

The 1080p AMOLED on the front display gives you a crisp high-definition premium smartphone kinda look whereas the greyscale e-link display on the back gives you an Amazone Kindle look of your palm size. The backside of the phone uses much less battery power so the phone will last for long if you use that side for notifications, emails, text messages and all other activities that doesn’t require colors. Yota’s team also stated the battery conservation as the reason behind dual displays.

two screens

We will soon have this phone reviewed on MenaByte so stay tuned to read more about this Android based 145g heavy kindle Competitor.

Picture Credits: The National